From the Files of Dr Ron Farmer 

From time to time we will add a few notes from someone we've seen in our clinic rooms, without any chance of them being identified (e.g. when it says 'man' it could be a 'woman').
You might get some helpful ideas for yourself, or a friend, from reading these brief accounts.

Each person's story is under a heading describing the main challenge they were facing. So you can click on the topic below to take you to those case notes.

At the end of each account you'll see the relevant self-help CDs which would be useful in the absence of a counsellor or therapist.


suMay you find the inner light that is shining everbright, always
                                       .... Ron and Suwant

Type of Problem
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gj Case of long-standing insomnia gj Case of immobilising tension in the jaw
gj Case of severe anxiety, depression and panic attacks gj Case of panic attacks brought on by work-stress
gj Case of work-based fear after a robbery gj Case of anorexia nervosa in a boy
gj Case of addiction to marijuana