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From the Files of Ron Farmer  

This lady was referred for treatment of her long-standing anxiety.

The lifelong anxiety escalated into panic attacks three years ago after four years of serious physical illnesses. She was referred to me after someone had regressed her to seven years old which resulted in an onset of severe depression and further fear.

In our first session, behaviour analysis indicated that her relationship with her mother was the pivotal factor in all her anxiety and depression. Counselling focussed on exploring ways of standing free of her mother's mental and emotional domination of her, while keeping the heart open in compassionate understanding.

When I saw her one week later she was already much improved, with a sense of relief from the "burdens of the last four years", and with a renewed feeling of energy. She had substantially broken her dependency patterns with her mother.

Most of the second session focussed on dissolving this memory from childhood of a traumatic incident with her mother. I used the 'reverse movie' technique for this, which gave an immediate result within twenty minutes.

Her letter to me two months later, indicated that she had continued to grow in her freedom from anxiety, that she felt grateful for her 'new life'. I did not anticipate having to see her again.


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