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From the Files of Ron Farmer  

A pleasant young man was referred for treatment of long-standing insomnia. I saw him the night that he rang.

He had not slept more than three hours per night for the last four months, and had not had a good night's sleep in two years..

Initial precipitating factors two years ago were a series of disappointing relationships and restlessness in deciding where to live. He was hospitalised and treated for depression at the time.

He said that, when he went to bed, he would first dwell on the last failed relationship, and then begin to worry that he would not be able to sleep. He would lie awake usually until 3.00am.


Counselling focussed on explaining to him the nature of the mind and the importance of detachment. This was followed by teaching and practice of a three-stage simple meditation technique. He was pleased to find that he nodded off during the third stage.

I phoned him two days later to see how he was going. After returning home from seeing me, he had gone to bed and was asleep within 10 minutes. This would have given him great confidence.

The second night he went to bed at 6.30pm and woke at 8.00am the next day. He said it was "the best night's sleep I have ever had". He continues to sleep well, at the time of writing.

I do not anticipate that he will have any serious recurrence of insomnia, and we have not made a second appointment. He has the Insomnia tape to fall back on if ever he feels the need.

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