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Self Help Therapy's 'Stories from the House of Prema' is published occasionally and is sent free to our mailing list.

Ron and Suwanti say:: hk

"We don't really regard 'House of Prema' as our own, even though we've been living here since 1994 - it is more that we are its custodians, like the live-in caretakers of temples. ronsuwanti

"Many thousands of prayers, sacred ceremonies and soul-searching discussions have taken place in House of Prema, each one leaving an indelible impression in the house itself. Most people begin experiencing a sense of peace even before they enter the house.

"It is a wonderful blessing that we get to live here while this raising of the 'vibrations' in the house continues with each new visit from dear friends. The after-dinner discussions cover many topics related to self-healing and some of them deserve to be shared with others."

Past 'Stories from the House of Prema' can be viewed or downloaded free of charge.