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The Freedom in Surrender

House of Prema  - Thoughts have Power

Our friends Valerie and Brian came for lunch one Saturday, including us in their working holiday up from Sydney. 

Soon after mutual hugs and jolly laughter, Valerie unwrapped a gift for us. It was a long, elegant doll, looking like a cross between a South American and Egyptian priestess. She had made it herself over several weeks, praying and chanting mantras throughout all of her work. Sewn inside the doll was a small piece of cloth on which she had inscribed some ancient sacred words for health, happiness and protection. The unseen emanations from the doll were so strong and loving that we immediately hung it in a prominent place near a small bust of Jesus, much to her obvious delight.

After lunch the discussion turned to our mutual adventures into the world of Christian Science Healing. This was a topic about which Valerie was truly passionate, having been healed of her long-term chronic fatigue by a Christian Science practitioner a few years previously

    Christian Scientists reason that only God exists, since all of creation could only come from God and be of God. Their healers allow only the thought that all is God’s perfection and hence this ‘disease’ is not real. There are many documented reports of immediate healings over the years since Christian Science was founded.

    Our discussion returned to Valerie’s gift, our cherished doll, with its message sewn inside for healing. We declared that the words would have a profound effect, not only on us, but on all visitors to House of Prema. Valerie was visibly moved by these words – she is a sensitive and loving soul – but wondered aloud why we should make such a claim. This gave us the opportunity to launch into one of our favourite topics – the effects of thought on objects at a distance.

    We began by reminding our guests that Sathya Sai Baba has said that thoughts never die, that their creative power (for good or evil) continues unabated forever.

    This is why, it is said, that prayers and mantras that have been chanted for thousands of years can have such extraordinary power for healing both ourselves and others – each new repetition taps into and adds to the collective power of those sacred words. Not only that, but words directed at or inscribed on material objects continue to radiate their influence on the surrounding environment long after the first imprint.

    We went on to tell our friends about the powerful effect of spoken or written words on the structural composition and purity of water molecules. Using electron microscope photographs of frozen water crystals, a Japanese scientist has demonstrated that, if we print the words ‘Love’ and ‘Gratitude’, for example, on a card glued to a jar of water, every water crystal assumes an exquisite shape; whereas the words ‘hate’ and ‘Hitler’ result in ‘ugly’ distorted shapes. At this point Valerie was smiling with delight as she glimpsed the implications of these findings. For instance, since our body is composed largely of water, the value of holding on to loving thoughts, or possessing a library of uplifting books and engaging in conversations about noble human virtues, is beyond question. Further, by having Valerie’s doll in our house, the surrounding

    atmosphere would not only be influenced by the sacred mantra sewn into the doll but also by Valerie herself, even from a distance, each time she prayed or had thoughts of loving kindness.

    To support this latter claim we reminded our friends of how Aboriginal ‘shamans’ are able to heal or harm an indigenous person from a distance by doing certain incantations over a personal object belonging to the absent subject. It’s as if the object remains connected to its owner with long invisible cords.

    We shared a few examples of our own healing work where strong psychic links still remained between two people even though the relationship had long since dissolved. Typically a woman will come to see us complaining that, even though she has repeatedly banned a past lover from her house, he only has to knock on her door and she allows him in again, much to her later shame and anger. To remedy this, we advise the woman to identify any and all objects remaining in her possession which were gifts from the man or which they once shared (for example, photographs, jewellery, books, and so on) and to either burn or discard them as soon as possible. In almost all such cases, as soon as the objects have been removed, ‘mysteriously’ the man stops calling.

    Two hours had flown by since we’d started chatting and Brian and Valerie were expected elsewhere. So we waved them off, with an invitation to visit again when the opportunity arose. Life is so sweet and friends so dear. We are all fellow Seekers on the Path.

    We trust you’ve enjoyed the story.

    Until next time;
    With our special love,
    Ron and Suwanti
    At House of Prema

    Sources for Follow-up:

    Christian Science: Founded in USA by Mary Baker Eddy in the late 1800’s after she published ‘Science and Healing’. Beautiful website:

    Sathya Sai Baba: Spiritual teacher, educator and humanitarian living in India, with an estimated thirty million followers or devotees worldwide. He teaches that the one essential Truth underlies all religions and that our true nature is pure love and wisdom. A good beginner’s website is:

    Hidden Messages in Water: The Japanese scientist Masuro Emoto devised a method of freezing molecules of water and taking photos through an electron microscope of the shape of the water crystals, to see what effects the spoken and written word, prayer or mantra had on the structural composition of the water molecules. See the photos and read more at:

    Letting Go of The Past: This is one of our Self Help Therapy CD sets which has lots of methods for getting free from the past, including the self help techniques for cutting the invisible ‘cords’ which link people to objects, events, emotions and habits.

    With love,
    Ron and Su Farmer

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